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Explore Architects and Delivers a SQL Server Data Warehouse

Explore delivered a complete 4-tier SQL data warehouse for a Seattle based Fortune 500 retailer.


Pioneer Organics Selects Explore to Develop .NET System

Pioneer needed a scalable, reliable solution to manage business operations. Not only at corporate, but a system that would compliment their regional expansion plans. The .NET architecture seamlessly integrated their custom and third party applications.

"I feel it is a necessary component for us to successfully meet our business potential."

- Ronny Bell, Founder, Pioneer Organics.

NetSuite Role Based Demos


Explore DCAF Datasheet
Detachable Compact Application Framework (DCAF)

A new generation of business applications is on the horizon for businesses and consumers. This is driven by market changes such as a growing mobile workforce and its need for productivity even when not "connected" and an explosive growth of new devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), portable music players, and gaming consoles, creating exciting possibilities for new applications. These new applications place new demands on the data platform on which they are developed.

Explore is the leading expert in mobilizing your workforce using proven, industry-standard technologies. Many businesses today demand real-time communications between field applications and central business systems. When this connectivity cannot be guaranteed, the alternative is to stay connected as often as possible, but to accommodate ongoing application use even when a connection isn't an option. The ability to seamlessly synchronize the data immediately upon establishing a connection allows end-users to work with the most recent data in an offline application experience and to push updates to a central location whenever possible. All of these requirements present a need for "Occasionally Connected Applications".

Occasionally Connected Application Examples:
  • Service representative needs to check inventory levels, product specifications, or place orders from their service laptop.
  • Sales representative at a tradeshow wants to enter contacts and orders into his laptop or PDA in between sessions or on the flight home.
  • Mobile workers want to log time and expenses using a PDA and continue working on the same application from a desktop at a later point, starting from where he or she left off on the PDA.
  • Field researcher needs to gather and record data where no wireless connections are available, but must periodically submit data whenever a connection can be established.

In order to accommodate evolving customer needs and their requirements for a new class of applications, Explore Consulting has developed a platform for deploying and managing occasionally connected custom business applications. The Explore Detachable Compact Application Framework (DCAF) provides a flexible and secure platform for supporting these needs. Benefits of the Explore DCAF include:
  • Offline Capable: Work can't stop just because connectivity is lost. Explore DCAF provides offline application usage that can be synchronized immediately upon establishing a connection.
  • Supported for Multiple Devices: The same core components can be used to build applications on multiple devices and platforms including tablet PCs, pocket PCs, smart phones and desktops.
  • Advanced Security: Data stored on the device is encrypted and cannot be used if lost or stolen. Further, the Explore DCAF offers 128-bit encryption when mobile users synchronize their data with centralized databases.
  • Flexible Architecture: Custom user interfaces and applications can be built on a common data access layer using ASP.NET Webforms, .NET Winforms, and .NET web services.
  • Lightweight and Compact: The platform preserves system resources, which is especially important in devices where processor and memory is premium.

The Explore DCAF combines the versatility of occasionally connected field applications with the power of enterprise database architecture, back office tools, and public facing web applications. The central database is Microsoft SQL Server. Data is accessed through a common data access layer written in .NET, then exposed as an API via reusable business objects. Custom user interfaces and applications can be built on this business layer using ASP.NET Webforms, .NET Winforms, and .NET web services. For field applications that cannot always rely on an active internet connection, Explore DCAF leverages Microsoft SQL Compact Edition as a portable, offline local data store. Users can work with sophisticated data-driven applications while offline; when an internet connection becomes available, the data can be seamlessly synchronized with the central database via SQL Server's intrinsic Merge Replication capabilities. Explore DCAF also utilizes web services and an offline task queue to offer many options for operations and field support.

Security is a critical variable in protecting the data running amuck outside of your office walls. The Explore DCAF follows industry best practice standards to protect your detached data using the following protocols:
  • Synchronization uses 128-bit SSL for secure and reliable functionality, even through firewalls.
  • Uses 128-bit RSA file-based encryption on devices for database file security.
  • Provides an encrypted data format with password protection.
  • Uses a single file format, enabling document-safe format.
  • SQL Compact database runs in the same process as the client application, eliminating the vulnerability of open TCP ports.