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Why I Explore...

"I enjoy the fun team atmosphere and collaboration."

"You can make a BIG impact in a growing company."

"Flat hierarchy and direct interaction with the Executive team."

"Working with the most remarkable and talented team of professionals with the perfect balance of determination, practicality, and a sense of humor."

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Customer Quote

"Explore’s ongoing SEO consulting has consistently improved our ranking for competitive keywords and within one month of rebuilding our website within NetSuite, Explore helped Smashbox gain significant increases in traffic from the search engines."

- Orion Hand, Senior manager of e-commerce & Direct Marketing


Customer Quote

"We came to Explore for some SEO assistance – our NetSuite ecommerce site had some internal structuring obstacles that were not allowing it to be picked-up organically. Our NetSuite consultant adjusted the site framework that was causing the issue and implemented a few other SEO best-practices changes. We saw a big improvement right away. In the last 2 months we’ve experienced a 2,500% increase in visitors from Google year-over-year. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the success of Explore’s work and will be calling on them again for future projects."

- Jody P. Murdough, Big Toy Express, Inc.


Customer Quote

"Before we had Explore Consulting implement Google Analytics within our NetSuite eCommerce webstore, we were not able to take advantage of the powerful Google Analytics reporting features, and were missing out on some sales opportunities. We are now able to see detailed traffic, conversion and key word metrics and quickly and accurately measure marketing effectiveness. Thanks to this service provided by Explore, I am confident we are always presenting the most relevant information to our customers and maximizing our eCommerce sales."

- Beth Sheets, COO, BabyLegs


Customer Quote

"Thank you very much for your recent work on our account. The work was completed very quickly, without hassle and has helped our conversion rates increase. We look forward to working with you again."

- Chris Geast, IT Manager,


Customer Quote

"Explore Consulting provided us with excellent guidance and seamless integration between our e-commerce site and Google Analytics, giving us back control of the critical online metrics we depend on to run our business. And they did it fast."

- John Hubbs, President, Metallo Design LLC

Explore Consulting NetSuite Services


Advanced Google Analytics Case Study
Explore SEO Web Analysis Datasheet
SEO and PPC management for Compliance11
Omniture Analytics For NetSuite Web Stores

NetSuite eCommerce and SEO Services

If you are using NetSuite’s eCommerce platform for one or more web sites (using the Multi-Site module) you have already invested significant time and money toward building your online presence.

Your investment was made with the goal of building a sustainable eCommerce presence that will be tightly coupled with your inventory items, accounting and CRM – a wise investment that helps you optimize your processes and that saves you time and money.

Now you must drive as many visitors as you can in order to leverage your NetSuite infrastructure and maximize throughput.

What are the benefits from organic SEO services?

In general, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts will significantly increase the likelihood that your web site will be found by search engine visitors. Our NetSuite SEO services will also insure that your web site pages will be properly indexed by the search engines. Engaging Explore Consulting for NetSuitespecific SEO services will help your online business to:

  • Position your company for the long term - Once in place, a properly designed and optimized site should remain, over the long term, in the rankings compared to PPC (Google Adwords) where costs are ongoing and unpredictable.
  • Target Traffic - SEO can increase the number of visitors who are actively searching for your product or service.
  • Receive a High ROI - SEO brings a higher, measurable Return On Investment (ROI) than any comparable form of marketing.
  • Increase Sales - SEO means increased sales of your product or service (by attracting more visitors).
  • Examine Short Term Results - You should begin seeing a positive difference within weeks if not days (but the larger effect will be seen within a three to six month period).
  • Continue With Your Existing Site – Optimizing your site can be done mostly behind the scenes, so you shouldn’t notice any major difference to look and feel.
Why you need Explore’s NetSuite SEO Services?

Optimizing your "NetSuite eCommerce" web site for organic listings is a little different from optimizing other web sites. Understanding the difference is where Explore’s expertise comes in.Explore has significant experience in optimizing NetSuite eCommerce web sites for search engine traffic. We have a significant amount of data about what works for our clients and our research continues even as you read these words.

We have multiple fixed price SEO Audit packages that are a great place to get started in helping drive more traffic to your web site. The audit packages can include:

Web Analytics

We will help you leverage the features of this powerful reporting interface by tying your NetSuite webstore to Google Analytics to provide traffic, transaction, conversion, product, and key word metrics. Learn more about our complete Google Analytics for NetSuite offering. We also have expertise with Omniture Analytics For NetSuite Web Stores.

Site Evaluation

We will evaluate your site to look for problems and opportunities to improve your search engine rankings from within your own site. Areas reviewed include:

  • site architecture, formatting, internal linking and general search engine discovery
  • optimization of meta tags and HTML tags
  • reviewing content for search engine friendliness
  • keyword research to determine targets based upon relevancy, search volume and competition
Competitive Analysis

Discover the tactics that your competitors are using and formulate a plan to beat them. We will find both their strengths and areas that they are vulnerable and include this information in our recommendations.

Improvement Plan

We will provide a prioritized list of options to improve the traffic and business that is coming to your site. In addition to the improvements that can be made on your site we will also look at other options like social media and link building to maximize.

All audit packages will contain a findings report with recommendations for improvement. A consultation to review the results of the audit is also included.

Customer Quote

"Compliance 11 came to Explore Consulting for SEO assistance. Prior to Explore, the Compliance 11 website was generic and focused solely on keyword searches versus our core business offering. Explore quickly designed and implemented a new website that focuses more on the user-experience and drives more relevant traffic to our site. Additionally, Explore worked with us to improve our keyword search, site relevancy, and we are happy with the improvements we've seen in conversion and bounce rates."

- Larry Goldfarb, Compliance 11 Co-Founder and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
Customer Quote

"When I came to Explore, my website had a decent start but its SEO ranking, aesthetics and user navigation needed a lot of help. Over 4 months and several mini-projects, Explore helped: Improved my SEO and search rankings. We had some fundamental flaws in our original site design that was limiting our SEO. Through working with Explore, my rankings in organic search have dramatically improved and I'm getting found 5 times more often organically today versus 3 months ago. Explore also re-wrote my custom navigation bar (the blue bar) to be both SEO friendly but also allow the navigation bar to display breadcrumbs based on the URL address. Thanks Explore for thinking outside the box with me."

- Chuck Utterback, Owner, Small Concept
Customer Quote

"With Explore Consulting's SEO expertise, the Tas Group has seen tremendous improvement with both our click-through-rate, as well as our conversion rate for online campaigns. Explore's consultants listened to our needs, understood our requirements, consulted us on options and helped us achieve a result that far exceeded our expectations."

- York Baur, EVP & CMO, The TAS Group