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Amazon Webstore

Absorption Pharmaceuticals mission is to improve intimacy between couples by developing the first FDA-compliant topical spray to help love last longer. Prior to partnering with Explore Consulting, Absorption Pharmaceuticals was having mediocre success on Amazon.com. They were receiving shipping penalties, struggling with organic search rankings, and lacked sufficient traffic to their products.

The Solution

Having built hundreds of Amazon Web stores, Explore has gained a unique understanding of the Amazon.com platform and a track record of improving sales for its clients on Amazon.com.

Explore’s merchant platform experts helped navigate Absorption Pharmaceuticals in to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), set up an aggressive sponsored ads campaigns, as well as optimized the Absorption Pharmaceuticals product listings. Explore also identified the product would be more successful in a different sub category, and moved the product to a subcategory Absorption Pharmaceuticals could be more competitive in.

Within 8 weeks of engaging with Explore’s Digital Marketing experts, Absorption Pharmaceuticals’ premier product became the #1 best-seller in its subcategory. Sales revenue increased 30% and sales volume tripled.

Absorption Pharmaceuticals continues to benefit from Explore’s consulting work. They have remained the #1 bestseller and had their biggest revenue month in company history in January 2016.