Morrocco Method

SuiteCommerce Site Builder

Morrocco Method International has provided the world's finest in raw, vegan, and paleo hair care for more than 50 years.

After years of working with inefficient, disparate systems, Morrocco Method came to Explore Consulting for a better solution, leading to the purchase and implementation of the NetSuite ERP platform along with a fully integrated NetSuite SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder webstore.

The Solution

Explore began by implementing the basics, focusing on Core Financials, A/P, and A/R, and also incorporated functionality around Lot Tracking, Work Orders/Assemblies with new Matrix Assemblies, Integrated Sales Tax Tables, Shipping Label Integration, and Returns Processing.

Explore brought all of Morrocco Method’s supply chain and manufacturing activities onto the same platform replacing QuickBooks and Excel. They were previously using a standalone eCommerce platform and transferring orders to QuickBooks, so the built-in eCommerce integration with SuiteCommerce Site Builder immediately brought value. Additionally, a fully responsive design was implemented on the website to ensure that mobile customers receive the same experience and ease-of-use.

On top of the main implementation, Explore added several scripted efficiencies such as automating FIFO lot number assignment to item fulfillments, and automating inventory adjustments from assembly builds due to production loss/scrap.

NetSuite’s customizable platform was formulated to their specific needs, allowing increased flexibility and manageability with purchasing and inventory management.

Morrocco Method’s operations are now as holistic as the products they sell.

Explore’s NetSuite SiteBuilder implementation has given Morrocco Method a synergistic blend of end-to-end business efficiency, offering scalability for growth and providing a single, integrated system for business operations. Morrocco Method’s business working environment has become noticeably more manageable due to real-time inventory. They are looking forward to building upon their future-proof system, set to automatically update every six months, ensuring there are no split ends in communication or process breakage.