Rag Lady

SuiteCommerce Site Builder

RagLady has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial cloths for over 30 years. RagLady understood the importance of updating their Ecommerce site to the more scalable NetSuite Site Builder platform. The system in place did not have a user interface or tools that made the purchasing process a simple one, and lacked the site structure needed to present quantity-based pricing which is essential for many B2B customers.

With their complex pricing structure, RagLady’s customers struggled to gain clarity on pricing, which usually was listed in the item description and not easily accessible. Customers often called to clarify pricing prior to placing an order. This extending the sales cycle and lacked the autonomous purchasing that consumers are accustomed to at best, at worst, resulted in lost sales due to lack of system flexibility and clarity.

The Solution

As a SuiteCommerce Certified Digital Agency, Explore Consulting was tasked with developing a modern aesthetic that incorporated an improved user experience. Explore Consulting’s team worked closely with RagLady to implement an upgraded, responsive design, better optimization and checkout process with SiteBuilder Responsive Website Design and Enhanced Google Analytics.

They also fulfilled RagLady’s wish to present their B2B Webstore visitors with various levels of pricing per item at a glance, which required a high level of custom design planning. The Site Builder Reference Checkout MyAccount Module was added to round out the improved, self-service user experience and the ability to highlight customer reviews was incorporated via detailed custom development work.

RagLady’s products were instantly easier for their customers to understand, and eliminated many of the calls to clarify what a total sale would be. The multi-product images and video additions enable customers to have a better understanding of the quality of products they are purchasing. The responsive layout resulted in better search engine optimization. Organic search increases of 27% for returning users and 43% for new users were seen in the first month. Direct traffic increased 47% for returning users and 21% for new users.

With a more modern, user-friendly NetSuite Site Builder Webstore supporting their online presence, RagLady is looking forward to wiping up the competition with scalable Ecommerce growth.