FastTrack for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

As a Certified SuiteCommerce Digital Agency Partner with more than 14 years of NetSuite Ecommerce experience, Explore Consulting understands how to successfully leverage the SuiteCommerce platform to take your online business to the next level!

Our SuiteCommerce FastTrack is a collection of pre-built modules that provide a jumpstart approach to building SuiteCommerce Advanced webstores, including several pre-built bundles developed to get your site launched quickly.

The solution, available at no cost to our NetSuite services customers, leverages newly released SuiteCommerce Advanced features and accommodates commonly needed functionality from enhanced navigation to category management. Featuring responsive and mobile capabilities, it’s the optimal entry point for a quick, stream-lined SuiteCommerce Advanced website launch.

FastTrack for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

Jumpstart your approach to building SuiteCommerce webstores

FastTrack Hero Slider

Leave a lasting first impression with your site visitors by featuring your best content rotating in our sleek, fully responsive Hero Slider Module.

FastTrack Category Manager

Leverage our Category Manager Module to configure unique pages within your Webstore featuring individual item listings, various layout options and multiple product category assignments.

FastTrack Navigation Manager

Enable even your non-technical team members to manage your website with our Navigation Manager Module, which simplifies the process of editing and maintaining your main navigation menus.
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FastTrack Hero Slider

Over half the visitors to your site spend fewer than fifteen seconds on your homepage before leaving.

Making a targeted and lasting impression during that short period of time is crucial to your business’s success. In answer to this need, Explore Consulting is now offering our new FastTrack Hero Slider Module for the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform.

Learn how Explore implemented a responsive design and new look, and accelerating Stillwater's ability to launch the new site in time for the holiday shopping season.

Managing Your Brand Has Never Been Easier!


Make a great first impression with your site visitors by featuring your best content rotating in a sleek, modern slider.

The Hero Slider Module is touch enabled, fully responsive and SEO optimized.


Easy to configure through custom NetSuite UI. Helps you turn the critical first impression on your site’s visitors into an easy win.

Utilizes one of the most popular and commonly used slider controls for a full-featured module.


  • Lazy loading of off screen images for improved UI
  • Multiple screen transition effects supported
  • Can customize with custom events
  • Supports multiple sliders per page
  • Supports for single cell or multiple cell sliders
  • Built for modern browsers, backward compatible
  • FastTrack Category Manager Module

    The SuiteCommerce Advanced Ecommerce platform continues to grow and add additional capabilities to its list of robust features.

    With these changes, the ability to utilize a standard category model has lessened, replaced with a shift toward facets for quick item drill down functionality.

    FastTrack Category Manager gives your entire team the ability to implement changes that lend to your marketing efforts.

    Gain Flexibility to Configure Pages and Categories


    Gain the flexibility to configure unique pages with individual item listings within your Webstore.

    FastTrack Category Manager's easy to use interface for setting up category relationship and hierarchy lets non-technical users set up and maintain categories on their own.

    Empower your entire team - design a wide range of layouts and multiple product category assignments to create unique landing pages that lend themselves to your marketing efforts.


    Easily re-order items within a category.

    Set up infinite scroll for better user experience, any design / layout desired for each category and persistent categories or standalone pages for flash sales purposes.

    User friendly interface makes inputting SEO-related data and meta tags easy.

    Supports multi-currency - products automatically change to fit the selected configuration.


  • Auto-generated breadcrumbs
  • Allows publishing cycles; pre-populate categories before activating on a live site
  • Set custom URLs for categories allowing for keyword-rich URLs and preservation of URLs currently in use on existing sites
  • Integrated, scriptable content area for each category page
  • Out of the box left navigation support for category navigation
  • Unlimited number of custom templates per category
  • FastTrack Navigation Module

    Managing your NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced website is both necessary and beneficial for your business, but it can require a significant amount of work from your development team to implement updates as needed.

    Your development team shouldn’t be bogged down with website management tasks.

    Explore Consulting makes SuiteCommerce Advanced site management easier with the SuiteCommerce FastTrack Navigation Module.

    mobile responsive Stillwater Fly Shop navigation

    Empower Your Entire Team


    Features a clean, streamlined back end in NetSuite that makes managing your navigation hierarchy simple.

    Leverage the power of the FastTrack Navigation Module to marry power with simplicity and enable non-technical decision makers to implement impactful changes.


    Ideal for non-technical resources. Whether you are in the marketing department or part of the development team, our FastTrack Navigation Module makes updating and managing your navigation menu simple.

    Easily manage which roles have permissions to edit your navigation menu structure; anyone with an approved role to implement navigation menu changes in real-time and without breaking the site.


  • Easily edit display text, URL creation, link location
  • Edit navigation in main menu and footer links
  • Optional parent navigation record allowing for drop-down menus
  • Multiple user access
  • Customization of URL types in navigation menu
  • Link external locations from navigation menu
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    Happy Explore Clients Are Our Priority

    As a new and growing brand, we needed a platform that allowed us to move quickly. NetSuite has provided the tools to make the omnichannel concept a reality, and Explore Consulting has been a critical partner in pulling it all together.

    Clay Haeber, Information Systems and Other Stuff,
    Kit and Ace

    Not only did they save us time and money when we launched our SuiteCommerce Advanced site, but they also provided critical functionality on how we wanted to organize and present our products with their Category Manager module.

    Paul Collinsworth, General Manager,

    Explore's team was instrumental to the success of our recent new website launch. Without their help we would not have been able to create the type of simple and problem free searching and browsing experience we want for our users.

    Gavin Smith, IT Department,
    Greg Smith Equipment