NetSuite Pricing

When researching the NetSuite platform, it can be difficult to find information about NetSuite pricing.

As the largest NetSuite Value Added Reseller and Solution Provider in the Pacific Northwest, our goal is to provide our clients with as much information as possible when considering purchasing NetSuite as their ERP platform. While the answers around NetSuite pricing vary based on the specific needs of your organization, here are some general guidelines into the purchasing process.

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What is NetSuite Pricing?

NetSuite's price depends on a handful of factors including the selected product configuration, add-on modules required, total user count and contract duration. Taking these into account, NetSuite’s base license pricing begins at $999 per month with general user access listed at $99 per month. Advanced NetSuite feature modules are available as required and are extremely beneficial enhancements to your standard platform license. You can add additional users as needed by purchasing additional user access which can be utilized via any browser as the platform is cloud-based.

NetSuite license operates as a subscription model and may be renewed annually or over longer durations. There are also several pre-bundled vertical editions of NetSuite available, which can be useful in quickly identifying the package and modules you will need. These will be introduced if one seems to be a logical choice for your organization. For a more detailed breakdown of NetSuite pricing options, download our FREE NetSuite Buyer’s Guide.

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NetSuite License Pricing Expertise


One of our experienced consultants will discuss your requirements, provide a product demo tailored to your business needs and answer your questions. The NetSuite license purchasing process is collaborative. Our aim is to understand your business and its requirements to best address your needs.


We will provision a test account with sample data that matches your business model for you to play with – for FREE! We won’t lead you down the NetSuite path unless we’re confident that it’s the best platform for your business. Real time spent interacting with the system will allow you to get a better feel for NetSuite’s wide range of functionality.


We understand making the decision to purchase NetSuite is a positive turning point for your business as well as a substantial financial commitment. We will assist in obtaining the best possible NetSuite pricing and will help you with any financing needs for both software and services.

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How to Buy NetSuite License

Build Your Package

Once you’ve determined that NetSuite is the right platform for your business, your sales consultant will help you identify the appropriate product configuration that matches your immediate needs. This includes base editions, special editions, advanced add-on modules and user counts.

Determine Contract Duration

The minimum amount of time that you can sign up for NetSuite is one year. However, you may sign up for a maximum five year term if desired. Important benefits to this include financing options and discount pricing. Note that you will be required to make payment in full for the duration selected. Financing can provide a nice mechanism for spreading NetSuite costs over the license duration.


We will provide a Solution Architect throughout the sales process to capture your requirements and provide an estimate for implementation services along with the NetSuite license fees combined. With over 14 years of NetSuite experience and more than 1000 NetSuite customers to date, we’re well-equipped to provide realistic effort, cost and timeline to get you live.


Once an acceptable estimate has been presented for the desired configuration and duration, you will sign a Service License Agreement and the estimate. Shortly thereafter, your NetSuite account will be provisioned (usually within 48 hours) and your implementation can begin. You will pay NetSuite directly for your license fees.


Explore Consulting can assist in spreading your NetSuite costs out over up to five years, and we provide competitive financing options following the completion of a one-page credit application. We can even bundle your implementation costs into your financing package!

NetSuite Services Pricing Expertise


Allow our team of experienced and certified NetSuite consultants guide you through the implementation process.


We offer comprehensive connectivity to all ERP, CRM, databases, web services, XML, flat-files, SaaS applications and more.


Our clients have direct access to NetSuite consultants before, during and after all projects to ensure optimal support.


If you can dream it, Explore Consulting can build it. Allow our skilled team of experts to customize the NetSuite platform to your exact specifications.

Why Partner With Explore?

Experience. Qualifications. Accolades.

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