Kit & Ace

Kit and Ace came to Explore Consulting in preparation for the launch of their new luxury apparel brand, an exciting new line from the Wilson family (lululemon). Explore delivered the ultimate omnichannel experience utilizing NetSuite and SuiteCommerce Advanced, a single cloud platform that combines eCommerce, in-store POS, merchandising, marketing, inventory, financials, customer service, and order management with back office operations.

The Solution

Harnessing the power of NetSuite and SuiteCommerce Advanced, the Explore team was able to create a completely custom, responsive mobile, web experience featuring a fully functional, sleek design. The sophisticated platform affords a consistent and personalized cross-channel experience, targeted marketing, and superior customer service with a single view of all customer interactions and transactions across all touchpoints and channels. Additionally, the ability to buy, fulfill, and return orders anywhere while maximizing profitability by centralizing order management and using single-view inventory across all channels allows for optimal order efficiency and allows Kit and Ace to continue focusing on developing their burgeoning new brand.