Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks sponsors want to understand the value of their advertising investment following each season, and presenting the ROI in the form of a powerful multi-media presentation is a critical process.

Prior to partnering with Explore Consulting, the Seahawks sales and marketing teams were dedicating hundreds of internal hours to creating recap reports around their corporate sponsorships.

The Solution

The Seattle Seahawks approached Explore Consulting seeking a solution for their sponsorship recapping needs, and Explore delivered a custom solution that fit the bill.

Explore Consulting developed the RECAPS platform for the Seattle Seahawks to showcase the value of their marketing efforts in an easy-to-navigate, cloud-based system.

Featuring customizable formatting, dynamic imagery and multimedia capabilities, RECAPS allows the Seattle Seahawks to design cutting-edge marketing presentations for their sponsors that are accessible via any device. Featuring a completely customizable web-based format, dynamic multi-media interaction and automatic annual archiving, RECAPS immediately addressed the needs of the Seattle Seahawks sales and marketing groups. The Seattle Seahawks have called Explore's RECAPS platform "a game changer" for their organization.

Technologies Used: .NET / MVC.NET / C#/Microsoft SQL Server / JavaScript / HTML5