Explore Consulting in CRM Magazine

CRM Magazine, a magazine focused on products and services related to Customer Relationship Management,  wrote an article about the company Pioneer Organics and its decision to integrate with the NetSuite platform, Pioneer Organics,  an organic-food home delivery service, used NetSuite’s ASP model to engage in highly technological procedures – customizing customer and vendor records specific to their needs and tracking seasonal fluctuations associated with the produce industry – without the cost of purchasing expensive hardware,  powerful business services, or hiring formal IT staff.


After Pioneer’s  integration with NetSuite through Explore Consulting, the company saw massive growth.  Its customer base grew by 25%, and its revenues grew by 15-20%  due to improved control and visibility in their front-end to back-end business operations. Pioneer was able to cut costs too, reducing a 15% seasonal revenue fluctuation to just 5%.  Even more impressively, when Pioneer Organics acquired a Portland-based company, rolling out NetSuite to that firm took just a single weekend.


Steve Jones, CEO of Explore Consulting, recently spoke with CRM Magazine about how they helped Pioneer Organics implement a fully integrated set of business applications based around the NetSuite platform. For a preview of the resulting article in the January, 2005 issue of CRM Magazine, click here