Explore Consulting Selected as Largest OSBS Service Provider

SEATTLE – Explore Consulting now offers sales and implementation services of NetLedger’s Oracle Small Business Suite® that provides business management software solutions for small to mid-size business owners. Previously, this integrated software was available only to Fortune 500 companies.


Explore Consulting anticipates they will double the number of staff from 20 to 40 employees over the next three months to meet the demand of local businesses.


“NetLedger is the first to offer a product with large enterprise functionality at an affordable price to smaller companies,” said Jeremy DeSpain, COO and partner of Explore Consulting. “Of all businesses in Seattle, 88 percent of them fit the small to mid-size category and for the first time they are able to afford this completely customizable management solution.”


NetLedger, Inc., makers of Oracle Small Business Suite, NetSuite, NetCRM and NetLedger Advanced Accounting, creates hosted business management software to run small to mid-sized companies. Delivered as an on-line Web-based service, NetLedgers products enable companies to manage all key business processes in a single, integrated system. The suite includes the ability to manage accounting, financials, inventory and warehouse management, order management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, sales force automation, employee management, payroll, and Web store functionality that is completely integrated.


Some of the key features of NetLedger’s products include:


Seamlessly Integrated Components – All modules access and store data in one centralized Oracle database. The data is available to other users immediately. Web-Based – The system is securely accessed via a Web site browser. Multi-User – Employees, customers, partners, and vendors can access the system immediately upon being granted permission. Ronny Bell, founder of Seattle-based Pioneer Organics, is Explore Consulting’s first client to utilize NetLedger. “This will be a critical element for the continued success of our company,” said Bell. “Due to the availability of NetLedger, we have saved a significant amount of money by implementing the service. I feel it is a necessary component for us to successfully meet our business potential.”


Based in Seattle, Explore Consulting was founded in 2001 and is a professional services company committed to helping small to mid-sized businesses evaluate, configure and integrate business management software to drive greater profitability and efficiencies for clients. Explore identifies opportunities to improve existing business processes, provides recommendations and implements alternatives that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of the systems they are working on. Current clients of Explore Consulting include Amgen (formerly Immunex), a global biotechnology company; Microsoft, and Nordstrom. For more information, visit exploreconsulting.com.


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