Custom Web Development

Explore Consulting is an experienced custom web development development firm with a commitment to helping you extend and enhance your business software systems. Whether building from an existing system or creating something from the ground up, we have the capability to drive your ideas from concept to reality. Allow our team of experts to work with you to create an innovative custom solution that addresses the unique needs and requirements of your business.

Developing Custom Solutions to Fit Your Business


As technology is ever evolving, we are always looking for a better way to get the job done. We’re technology agnostic but follow industry best practice approaches to accomplish your goals.


Our priority is understanding your business so we can apply our best practices to address your needs.


A custom development project shouldn’t be filled with the unknown. Our team will plan an architecture that best fits your needs and sets clear project expectations.


We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Explore’s team of experienced developers will build a custom solution created to your exact specifications.


Our team of developers is available to help continually improve your custom solution and adapt to changing business needs.


Training and user adoption are managed based on client needs and include end-to-end confirmation of use cases developed during the discovery phase.

Featured Custom Development Success Stories

National Football Scouting (NFS)

Nearly a decade ago, Explore Consulting delivered a cloud-based, occasionally-connected suite of applications used by NFL scouts to capture and distribute player reports, resulting in great efficiencies and significantly reduced labor required in merging data. With National Football Scouting’s data being captured in real-time as the field scouts gather it, and with the process of merging and delivering this data being automated, they can now provide much faster turnaround on the data delivery back to the NFL teams.

Technologies Used: .NET / Microsoft SQL Server/ ASP.NET (C#) / AJAX / JavaScript / HTML5 / RESTful JSON / API / Microsoft IIS / Merge Replication / Reporting Services

NFL Scouting Combine

Explore Consulting developed a completely integrated suite of applications for the NFL Combine that allows organizers and scouts to capture, merge and deliver event data in real-time via any MS Windows based device. Not only does this system play a critical role at every NFL Scouting Combine, Explore works with several originating sources to gather initial player data as the road to the draft begins for more than 300 draft prospects each year. From loading scouting reports, player images and questionnaires to capturing real-time electronic 40 times and tracking players throughout the event, Explore Consulting has been a critical technology partner of the NFL Combine since 2007, and continues to expand its use of technology year after year.

Technologies Used: .NET / Microsoft SQL Server/ ASP.NET (C#) / AJAX / JavaScript / HTML5 / RESTful JSON / API / Microsoft IIS / Reporting Services


Originally created for the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders organizations, Explore Consulting developed the RECAPS platform to better enable sports and event marketers to showcase the value of their marketing efforts in an easy-to-navigate, cloud-based system. Featuring customizable formatting, dynamic imagery and multimedia capabilities, RECAPS allows organizations to design cutting-edge marketing presentations for their sponsors that are accessible via any device.

Technologies Used: .NET / MVC.NET / C#/Microsoft SQL Server / JavaScript / HTML5

HR Spinner

HR Spinner, the largest box machine program in the Pacific Northwest, partnered with Explore Consulting to provide their clients a streamlined, easy-to-use and completely custom-designed solution for packaging inventory management. The team at Explore leveraged modern technologies to build a flexible, cloud-based, single page application on a state-of-the-art platform that was uniquely built for HR Spinner's needs. The custom application solution has allowed HR Spinner to take their customer offerings to the next level and now serves as an inventory management best practice tool, providing a competitive edge to the HR Spinner organization.

Technologies Used: Node.js / jQuery / Express Backbone / PostgreSQL Database Engine / Bootstrap / Heroku Hosting

NetSuite Custom Development

Explore Consulting is an experienced NetSuite development firm. Our accomplishments include a SuiteCloud Developer Network Partner status, 11 SuiteApps, a team of certified SuiteCloud Developers and hundreds of integrations and custom extensions built on the NetSuite platform.

Technologies Used: .NET / Microsoft SQL Server / Angular / Scala / JavaScript / Node.js / Backbone / ASP.NET (C#) / AJAX / Docker / AKKA / AWS

Some of Our Clients

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