Magento vs NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

The Magento 2.0 platform still struggles to achieve stability three years from its initial Beta release. With the investment required to move to a significantly different architecture, many Ecommerce companies have found that now is a good time to evaluate other options. A Magento upgrade from 1.x to 2.0 is a complex process, more synonymous with a re-platform exercise, since version 2.0 is completely dissimilar to 1.x.
When considering how to drive your online presence forward, it’s worth considering Magento competitors. As an option when considering Magento alternatives, savvy managers need to consider whether a Magento migration to an integrated omnichannel platform such as NetSuite can deliver a better overall customer experience for less TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). NetSuite’s Ecommerce and content management platform, SuiteCommerce Advanced, is a modern Single Page Application (SPA) architecture-based solution that offers features discerning audiences come to expect from a modern shopping experience, and native real-time back office integration.

Infrastructure & Maintenance


  • Infrastructure hosting is complex and requires different skillsets to improve & maintain
  • It is required to be installed, configured, and optimized for the website to function properly
  • Requires the company to host hardware, software & data security
  • Security patches & updates required frequently
  • When upgrading, Magento costs can be more expensive than a migration to another Ecommerce platform


  • Infrastructure is installed, hosted and maintained 100% by NetSuite, including all hardware, software, security and backups
  • Upon contract completion, the infrastructure is standing up and ready to be implemented by a web developer. Fewer skill sets required.
  • All patches and upgrades are managed by NetSuite and fully backward compatible
  • Includes at least 2 major upgrades annually at no additional cost beyond base annual licensing
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Functional Comparison


  • Stand-alone point solution for Ecommerce
  • Not integrated with CRM/ ERP/ POS/ Warehouse Management
  • No financial management and reporting capabilities
  • No multi-company management with financial consolidation
  • Integrations to these systems required and are supported independently from Magento


  • Fully integrated suite of tools to run your omnichannel business in the cloud
  • SuiteCommerce platform is fully integrated to the ERP and CRM natively, as well as optional POS and Warehouse Management
  • Full financial management and reporting capacities
  • Supports true multi-company management with financial consolidation
SuiteCommerce FastTrack
SuiteCommerce FastTrack

FastTrack for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

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Latest SuiteCommerce Features

New Promotions Engine

This is a marketer’s dream! It provides complete control over exclusive promotions, stackable promotions and shipping promotions all within a new and improved interface making promotions easy, no matter how complex.

Quantity Pricing

Your B2C and B2B business customers will absolutely love you for this easy way to view discounts for bulk purchasing, a simple way for them to buy more from you. This was possible prior to this release with NetSuite’s backend and required some customization on the front end. This feature is now made visible and part of native SuiteCommerce Advanced, which will lead to faster deployment times and reduced cost.

Quick Order

Shopping online from your product catalog just got easier with this feature, which provides the ability to quickly and easily add multiple items by SKU or Item number within the shopping cart. This was possible with previous releases but required a customization. Like Quantity Pricing this new native feature will speed up development time and reduce cost.

Enhanced SSL Support

The new release will allow customers the option of enabling SSL on the shopping domain in addition to support for a single domain for both the shopping and checkout experiences. This will provide a higher level of security across your site. In addition, this will provide a seamless user experience with redirects from non-secure to secure domains.

Facets as URL Parameters

This feature will provide the ability to tailor the site structure by selecting individual facets as part of the path for the site to be configured as query strings. The enhancement will help eliminate duplicate and thin/shallow SEO pages and make it easier to tailor site navigation.

Buy Online & Pick Up in Store

Your customers can view inventory by location in real time and pick up their item(s) in the store nearest to them, driving foot traffic to stores and increasing sales opportunities and no shipping cost for your customers.

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