Account Usage Information


NetSuite now offers customers a great new feature with regards to account usage through the Billing Information screen. This allows users to look more deeply into the usage of their NetSuite account. This allows for closer monitoring of required resources to determine if more storage, users, or modules are required. To access this information start on the Setup tab: Setup > Company > View Billing Information. This will bring you to a page with 4 tabs of information about your NetSuite usage. Additionally listed along the top of the main Billing Information is the Anniversary Date for your NetSuite account.

Billable Components

This page gives information on the amount of various billable components that a NetSuite account currently has available. Also this page gives the amount of these components that are currently being used, to determine a possible need for more.

Some useful elements of this tab include:

NetSuite Cascading Drop Down Lists
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Add-On Modules

The Add-On Modules page gives a listing of what additional components a NetSuite account is utilizing along with others that are available. This is a quick reference for which modules can be added to an account.

Provisioning History

The Provisioning History tab gives a historical listing of the changes in billing in any NetSuite account.

Component Usage

The Component Usage tab presents a log of when quantity changed for components from the Billable Components tab, including the date of the change.