Adding Custom Categories & Links to Standard NetSuite Tabs

Adding Custom Categories & Links to Standard NetSuite Tabs

NetSuite’s “tab” browsing provides an intuitive organization of data for users. Customers, Transactions, CRM Records, and configuration options are all intuitively grouped within an appropriately named tab, with different groupings for different Roles and Centers.

With the release of NetSuite’s version 2010.2, users can now add their own Categories and Links directly into the standard NetSuite tabs, allowing for a seamless integration of base functionality and custom elements within the same intuitive interface. For example, I may want to give my Sales Team access to a series tools such as links to external resources, saved searches, or other valuable resources. Rather than configuring dashboards, these links can be added directly to the Customers tab in the Sales Center.

Here is what the Customers tab in the Sales Center looks like by default:

Tip Image 4

Lets create a custom Category called “Sales Resources” on the Customers tab of the Sales Center, just between Customer Service and Other.

First, we need to create the Links that will be provided to the Sales users. For these purposes, we will link to the Company Search page.

    1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Center Links;
    2. Create your custom link by providing a Label (ie: Hoovers Company Search) and a URL, which in this example is
    3. Click Add, and repeat for as many external custom links as are needed;

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    1. When complete, click Save.

Next, we create the Category within which our links will appear.

    1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Center Categories > New;
    2. Specify the Center Type. For our example, the Sales Manager role belongs to the Sales Center;
    3. Specify the Section (Tab) within that Center on which we want the new Category to display. In our example, we would pick Customers;
    4. Enter the Category Name, which we will be calling Sales Resources;
    5. Indicate the position of this Category in the list of standard Categories for this tab. In this example, we would “insert before Other.”

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  1. In the Link section, select your Custom Link from the drop-down list and, optionally, provide a different label that the user will see in the UI.
  2. Add any other links to searches, reports, pages, or records in NetSuite, and click Save.

Now, when a user logs into a Sales Center role and mouses over the Customers tab, they will see a new Category has been added called Sales Resources. Hovering over the Sales Resources category, the user will have access to the three Links that were configured for this category.

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