Adding Files to Records Using File Drag & Drop Bundle

File Drag & Drop enables you to upload single or multiple files from your desktop to the file cabinet or to a record page. It can also be used to attach multiple files directly to editable sublists of supported records and custom records.

Using File Drag & Drop

You can drag single or multiple files from your desktop and drop them to the Drag & Drop enabled file cabinet and to a record or sublist line item.

Adding Files to a Record Page and Line Item

    1. Create or edit a record.
    2. On your computer, select the files you want to upload and drag it to the Dropzone. Dropping the file starts the upload process.*Important -When you create certain records, changes to some field values may cause the record page to refresh. This, in turn, causes File Drag & Drop to create multiple unique folders for the record that is being created. For example, when you change the value of the Customer field on Sales Orders, the page may require you to use a different form if the selected customer belongs to a different subsidiary or is under a different nexus. Every time the Sales Order page is refreshed, File Drag & Drop creates a new folder.
    3. If a file with a similar name exists, a popup prompts you to overwrite the file or cancel the upload. Click Yes to proceed with the upload. Otherwise, click No.
    4. To cancel a file upload, click the Dropzone to display additional options. In the Pending uploads section, click Cancel.

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The record updates automatically to reflect the uploaded file. Files attached to the record are listed under Communication > Files.

    1. To attach files to a line item, drag a file from your computer and then drop it to the transaction line.

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*Note-Files uploaded to new records you are creating will not be deleted when the record is not saved.

    1. Click Show Files from Selected Line Item to view files attached to the selected transaction line.

*Note-The maximum size per file is 5 MB.

Inserting URLs of Uploaded Files

      You can automatically insert the URL for a file you uploaded into text fields within the record.

    1. Create or edit a record.
    2. On your computer, select the files you want to upload and drag it to the text area where you want to insert the URL. Drop the files.

The system automatically appends the URL to the end of the text entered in the field. You can add text after the URL, or drag more files to the same field to insert additional URLs. You can copy and paste the URL to your browser to open the file.
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* Note-This does not apply to text fields within sublists.

Changing the Destination Folder from the Dropzone

When you upload files to a record page, you can override the default destination folder for that record. The change will only be applicable in the current instance. When the page is refreshed, the destination folder will be reverted to the default folder.

    1. Create or edit a record.
    2. Click the Dropzone to display more options.

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  1. Click Change to open the File Cabinet pop-up.
  2. Select a destination folder for this instance, and then click Select Folder.