Advanced Promotions


One of the SuiteApps developed and made available by NetSuite is the Advanced Promotions Bundle (NOTE: You must enable the “Promotion Codes” feature before you can use this bundle). This bundle further enhances the standard functionality within NetSuite that provides options for creating and managing promotional offers. With this SuiteApp, NetSuite allows you to create tiered promotions that offer increased discounts based on the number of items sold or on the order totals. There are three main types of promotions that are available with the Advanced Promotion bundle:

With the 2014.1 release, NetSuite has made further enhancements to the Advanced Promotion SuiteApp (version 2.02). With the new features, users can now offer item-specific free shipping promotions. For example, you can create a promotion that allows a customer to have free shipping on all Accessories, but not Widgets. Therefore, if they purchase both Widgets and Accessories, NetSuite will only calculate shipping charges on the Widgets, and exclude the Accessories from the shipping calculation.

Here are the steps to create this type of promotion:

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