At-A-Glance Access with Customer Dashboards

Most NetSuite users are familiar with the Customer Dashboard feature of NetSuite, but few realize you can publish this dashboard just you do a Home or Tab dashboard. Instead of having to rely on your users to each configure a Customer Dashboard you can publish a dashboard of your choosing across your organization.

First, a quick recap on customer dashboards and how you access them:

NetSuite includes a specialized dashboard that is available for every customer (including leads and prospects) in your system.
The customer dashboard provides at-a-glance access to all of a customer’s data, so you do not need to search through multiple screens to gather and piece together the information you need.

To open a dashboard for a customer, you can:

• Click the View Dashboard icon on a Customer record or on a row in a customer list:

Customer Dashboard View NetSuite

• Enter dash:<customer_name> in the Global Search field and click Go.
By default, a customer dashboard includes a Key Performance Indicators portlet displaying important summary data for the customer, a Dashboard Links portlet with links to reports related to the customer, and a list portlet displaying the customer’s transactions, as well as other portlets.
You can personalize customer dashboard portlets’ content and setup as you would other dashboards through the ‘Personalize’ link at the top of your dashboard.
A customer dashboard includes information about all transactions and activities for the customer’s related projects and subcustomers. The customer dashboard’s Transactions portlet data is consistent with the customer record’s Transactions subtab data, and the customer dashboard’s Key Performance Indicators portlet data is consistent with the customer record’s Financial subtab data.

Note that the setting for the Accept Payments Through Top-Level Customer preference affects the rollup of data for some customer dashboard KPIs, in the same manner that it affects the customer record’s Financial tab data.

Publishing Your Customer Dashboard:

As with other types of dashboards, users can only publish the Customer Dashboard to roles within the same Center Type (Sales Center, Accounting Center, etc). To publish a customer dashboard:

1. View a customer dashboard using a role which:

2. Personalize your customer dashboard using the Personalize link at the top of your dashboard. More information on dashboard personalization is available in SuiteAnswers or use the ‘help:’ prefix in the global search within your NetSuite page.

3. Go to your home dashboard.

4. Click Publish Dashboard in your Settings portlet

5. Set the name for your dashboard.

6. On the Apply to Roles tab set the roles to which you’re going to publish the dashboard.

7. On the Apply to Tabs tab set publish type and click ‘Customer Dashboard’

Apply Changes to Customer Dashboard NetSuite

*Note: Locking a customer dashboard does not work as of version 2015.2 – those you publish the dashboard to will still be able to add and remove content.

8. Click Save

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