Attaching Outlook Messages to NetSuite Records


Increasingly, many NetSuite users are looking for ways to streamline their communication processes with customers, vendors and partners. Email remains a popular method of communicating, and for many, it lives primarily in Outlook. NetSuite has long offered a sync client for Outlook users, but the latest version of NetSuite for Outlook, version 3.0, is the best yet. It is compatible with the latest major versions of Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013) and Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of the software.

The sync client enables for users two-way synchronization of their events, contacts, tasks, and phone calls with NetSuite. Additionally, email messages from Outlook can be saved to contacts, customers, jobs/projects, opportunities, estimates, sales orders, invoices, and cash sales in NetSuite, making it easy to track business communication. To get started, ask your NetSuite administrator to enable the feature for your role, then download the client by going to Home > Set Up Outlook Integration in the Settings portlet.

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When you write and receive email in Outlook, you are presented with a list of records in NetSuite based on the email addresses you are corresponding with. You can choose which NetSuite records you want to attach email to. Email you write is saved to those records in NetSuite immediately upon sending. Messages you receive in Outlook are saved to NetSuite when you select records and click Save Changes in the message pane.

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If the record to which you want to attach the email doesn’t appear, click on the “Search for more…” button to narrow down the record type and select additional search criteria.

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For more information, search SuiteAnswers or the NetSuite Help Center for “NetSuite for Outlook Overview.”