Campaign Subscription Categories in NetSuite


With the Campaign Subscription Categories feature available from Version 2007.0, customers and others with whom you communicate via bulk email, can choose which types of campaign communication they want to receive. When you turn on this feature, you can create your own campaign subscription categories in addition to the following default subscription categories – Billing Communication, Marketing, Newsletters, Product Updates, and Surveys.

To create a new subscription category:

1. Go to Setup > Marketing > > Campaign Subscriptions > New.
2. Enter the name of this subscription category and a description.

NetSuite campaign subscription settings part 1

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3. Check the Unsubscribed by Default box if you want new records to be unsubscribed to this campaign subscription (Entities must manually subscribe to subscriptions that they are unsubscribed to.)

4. In the External Name field enter the name of this subscription category as you want it to appear in the Campaign Subscription Center.
5. In the External Description field, enter the description of this category that you want to show in the Campaign Subscription Center.
6. Click Save.

You can associate subscriptions with marketing and email templates. When you select a template on a campaign record or in an email merge, this subscription category is chosen by default. Email is only sent to the recipient group members with this subscription.

NetSuite campaign subscription
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When you send email through a campaign or bulk merge operation, email is only sent to members of the group with the subscription selected in the Subscription field. The Subscription subtab on customer, contact, partner, vendor and employee records shows the subscription status for each subscription category.

NetSuite software campaign settings
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By logging in to the Campaign Subscription Center from the Customer Center, recipients can choose which subscriptions they want.

subscript to NetSuite campaign
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