Commission Enhancements


Version 2012.2 includes a number of enhancements to commissions.

Audit Trail on Commission Records

In Version 2012.2, a saved commission schedule shows two new sub tabs: Setup and History.

Feature Enablement

This feature is enabled by turning on Commission feature. If Commission feature is already on, no further action is needed. It is a core feature.

Determining Commission Eligibility

You can set the following preferences on a commission schedule:

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Search Based Commission Schedule

In Version 2012.2, when you are using the Employee Commissions feature, a new saved search is available to find commissionable items based on item type. As described below, this search is intended to be used with commission schedules and quotas.

To run the Commissionable Items search,

Select from the various criteria filters according to your business requirements.

Best Practices

Impact to Current Tasks

Before creating a “Custom” type Commission Schedule, one or more search should be created, which will be used to create Commission Schedule.
When you are creating a new commission schedule, you can select Custom to associate one of the new Commissionable Item searches with the schedule. This gives you greater flexibility for generating schedules.

Commissionable Item Searches and Quotas

Previously, quotas were set for each individual item. Now when you create a quota, you can choose to base it on one of the new Commissionable Item searches.