Component Where Used Inquiry


A new feature as of the 2013.1 release is the component where-used inquiry. A component is any item (Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service, etc) that is a portion/part of an assembly or consumed during the process of building that assembly. All components that belong to an assembly are listed in a Bill of Materials (BOM) report. However, in order to report the other way and see all of the assemblies that a specific component is a part of, you must run a where-used inquiry report.

A few of the many benefits of this feature are:

  1. Ability for engineers, planners, managers, etc to review the impact a component change may have on other product lines within the company’s product portfolio.
  2. Ability for planners to review component consumption to assist with long-term assembly planning.
  3. Ability for management to assess impact related to component quality issues.
  4. Ability to accurately assess the impact related to a component being obsolete/end-of-life.

In order to run the inquiry, navigate to Transactions → Manufacturing → Component Where Used Inquiry. NOTE: This feature requires use of the Work Order and Assembly Item features.

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Enter the component that you wish to run the inquiry on and NetSuite will retrieve all of the assemblies where that component exists. NetSuite also lists other useful information such as Level (how many levels down the component exists), Quantity per Assembly, and inventory information of the assemblies. You can also customize the form to include other attributes/fields that you wish to be displayed for those assemblies.