Creating a Shared, Group Calendar in NetSuite


Two of our customers recently asked us how to set one calendar as the default for all employees to share, thereby allowing everyone to easily view company-wide schedules and events in one place. They had mistakenly assumed that by having an individual share her or his individual calendar in NetSuite, this would perhaps create one shared calendar for all employees to see.

In order for several employees to share one calendar in NetSuite, you must first create an employee group. You then set a default calendar for the group to share.

The steps to create an employee group and set a default calendar are outlined below.

Step 1: Create a new employee group in NetSuite by going to Lists > Relationships > Groups > New

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On this page, you choose to create either a dynamic or static group. Definitions of each are as follows:

Dynamic groups: Dynamic group membership changes to include anyone that meets the group’s criteria. For example, you can set search criteria to create a group of all employee sales reps. When a new sales rep is hired, the rep automatically becomes a member of this dynamic group. When a sales rep takes a position in another department, that rep is removed from the group automatically.

Static groups: You can create static groups of up to 10,000 members by selecting members from lists or with a search. For groups larger than 10,000, you must create a dynamic group. The membership of static groups does not change.

In most cases, an employee group for the sharing of a group calendar is going to be a static group.

Once you select “static,” you then choose “employee” from the drop down list. Click Continue….

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On the next page, enter a name for your group and designate a group owner, then add employees to the group from the Members sub-tab drop down list.

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Next, click on the Calendar Preferences sub-tab and choose the global parameters for the shared, group calendar (start and end times, etc.)….then click Save.

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You’ve just created a shared, group calendar where employee events and appointments may be shared with all members of the group.