Creating Custom KPI Scorecards


NetSuite allows the creation of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Scorecards which can be displayed in the KPI Scorecard dashboard portlet. You can create multiple KPI Scorecards for the various roles you have defined in your organization. Custom KPI Scorecards allow users to quickly compare multiple, complex KPI’s across multiple date ranges or accounting periods.

NOTE: The “KPI Scorecards” feature must be enabled in your account in order to create KPI Scorecards. Please talk to your Administrator if you’re unsure if this is enabled in your account.

To create a custom KPI Scorecard navigate to Setup → Customization → KPI Scorecards → New.

Enter the basic header information (Name, Description, and Owner) and then enter the information on the following tabs:

  1. KPIs → This is where you can select the various KPI’s that you wish to display on your KPI Scorecard. If desired, you can also define the specific comparisons, formulas, and labels in this section. NOTE: If you have created custom KPI’s that you wish to use, select the “Custom KPI #” and you can specify the corresponding KPI on the Custom subtab.
  2. Date Ranges → Select the various Date (or Period) Ranges that you wish to display on your Scorecard. These dates will apply to all KPI’s on the scorecard and can also have comparisons (and comparison types) defined.
  3. Custom → If you made any “Custom KPI #” selections on the KPIs subtab, then place the corresponding custom KPI (i.e. Saved Search) in the drop-down here.
  4. Highlighting → If you wish, enter any highlighting rules that you want. These will help highlight specific data on your Scorecard according to the criteria you specify here.

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Once finished, select “Save” (NOTE: Be sure to check the ‘Audience’ tab and enable the KPI Scorecard for the roles, users, departments, partners, etc that you want to have access to this Scorecard).

Navigate to your dashboard and select “Personalize Dashboard” in order to add the KPI Scorecard portlet in case you don’t already have it. Once the portlet is on your dashboard, select the down-arrow Tip Image Arrow and “Set Up” to specify the KPI Scorecard you created.