Custom Field Value Derived from Summary Search Results

Often there are values you would like to include on a record to indicate summarized data related to that record.  For example you may want to know the total transaction quantity or dollars of returns a customer has been refunded and have it display in a custom field.  In NetSuite you can create a custom field that will display values derived from a summary saved search.  This functionality is similar to representing this data in a custom sublist but instead displays in a field.  In this example we will create a custom field to display the total dollars in returns a customer has with our company.

Create Summary Saved Search

Create Custom Field
Go to Customization > List, Records, & Fields > Entity Field > New
Label = Total Return Authorization

* Important – values for a rollup custom fields are not stored


Custom field is now presented on the customer record and dynamically updated based on the results of the Summary Saved Search.