Dashboard Charting Enhancements


Version 2012. 2 includes significant enhancements to dashboard charts. These changes make all charts more visually appealing, and simplify report snapshot and trend graph configuration.

New Look for Dashboard Charts

This release provides a more modern look for report snapshots, trend graphs, KPI meters, and custom search graphs on your dashboard.

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Before this release, you could choose among different chart types for trend graphs and report snapshots, but access to these options was in a separate Setup portlet. Now, trend graphs and report snapshots include clickable chart type thumbnails right in their portlets. You can click each thumbnail to quickly review how each chart type reflects portlet data as shown in the snapshot here.

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Chart Types for Trend Graphs

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In trend graph portlets and popup trend graphs, you can choose among four chart types. For each of these chart types, you have two choices for comparing data from different time periods, as either a continuous representation of data, or a side-by-side comparison.

Chart Types for Comparative Sales Report Snapshots

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In Comparative Sales, Comparative Sales (Orders Alt. Sales) and Comparative Sales (Orders) snapshot portlets, you can choose among the same four chart types as for trend graphs.

Chart Types for Other Report Snapshots

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In snapshot portlets other than comparative report snapshots, you can choose among four chart types, with a pie chart available rather than an area graph.

New Chart Theme Preferences

Version 2012 release 2 includes new Chart Theme preferences that provide you with additional control over the look of your dashboard. These chart-specific settings build on the existing user interface color theme preferences, which continue to be supported.

Global Chart Theme Preferences

The Appearances subtab of Home > Set Preferences now includes global Chart Theme preferences that define a default appearance for all of the charts on your dashboard.

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Per-Portlet Chart Theme Preferences

You have complete flexibility to override global chart themes in individual report snapshots and trend graphs, in order to define a unique look for each chart. For report snapshots and trend graph portlets, click the portlet Setup link to access per-portlet Color Theme and Background preferences.

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For popup trend graphs, click the Setup link for the Key Performance Indicators portlet, to access preferences on the Popup Trend Graphs subtab. (Note that these settings apply to all popup trend graphs.)

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New Print and Download Chart Functionality

Version 2012 Release 2 supports new print and download options for popup trend graphs, trend graph portlets, report snapshots, and KPI meters. Supported download file formats are: PNG image, JPEG image, PDF document, and SVG vector image.

In popup trend graphs, buttons are available for printing and downloading:

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In trend graph, report snapshot, and KPI meter portlets, you can click Setup menu options to print and download:

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