Default Landing Page on Login


NetSuite’s Dashboards represent a powerful tool for staying on top of important business metrics. The dashboard can display reports, lists of data, action items for the day, and reminders to help keep track of a user’s activities. Many NetSuite customers will customize not just the Home Dashboard, but also the other Tab Dashboards (Transactions, Reports, Activities, etc.). For many organizations, the “primary” Dashboard is NOT the Home Dashboard, but, instead, is one of these other Tabs.

Users can modify their preferences so that, upon login, they are automatically taken to one of these other Dashboard tabs instead of to the Home Dashboard.

To set a different Tab as your landing page on Login:

1. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences, or click the Set Preferences link in the Settings portlet on your Home Dashboard;

Tip Image 1
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2. Navigate to the Appearance subtab;

3. In the Centers and Styles section, look for the “Landing Page” field;

Tip Image 2
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4. Select the Tab that you would like to set as the default landing page when you log into NetSuite;

5. Click Save.

Now, when you log into NetSuite, the page selected in this field will be the first tab you see.