NetSuite Descriptive Image URLs and Enhancements


Previously, descriptive URLs were only available for item, tab, and category records. In Version 2011 Release 1, the URL Component field now appears on image file records as well. Now, you can include images when you run the Bulk Set URL Component task to construct descriptive URLs for your site.

Using keywords in descriptive URLs that point to images on your Web store can drive traffic to your site through image search, in addition to universal search results. With descriptive URLs, shoppers understand the content of each page just from reading the Web address.

The enhancements to the Descriptive URLs feature provide significant search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

Before you can use descriptive URLs on your Web site, you must set up a domain at Setup > Web Site > Set Up Domains. Next, enable the Advanced Site Customization feature, and the Descriptive URLs feature at Setup > Company > Enable Features, on the Web Presence subtab.

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After you set up URL components in bulk, you can check the progress of the task at Setup > Web Site > Bulk Set URL Components > Status.

To revert all URLs to the default NetSuite format, turn off the Descriptive URLs feature on the Enable Features page.