Editable Work Orders


There are many exciting, new features and enhancements in NetSuite Release 2012.1. This particular feature is one many Explore Consulting customers will find especially helpful.

The new Editable Work Orders feature in NetSuite Version 2012.1 provides more flexibility to adapt to changes. Components on a Work Order can now be added, deleted or changed to help deal with events such as inventory shortages.

With this new feature, users can edit the components of a Work Order [as long as the Work Order status is pending build, as shown in the diagram below]. If an assembly build has already been performed against a Work Order, new components can be added to it, but existing components cannot be deleted.

In addition, this release provides new scripting capabilities for the customization of Work Orders. SuiteScript can now be executed based on the default Work Order form during the Work Order creation process from a special order, or during the mass create Work Order process.

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