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Email Preferences


NetSuite makes it possible to control how your outbound email signature looks. If you are like many companies, emails are sent from NetSuite and your regular email tool like Outlook. Regardless of the system you send from, having identical signatures at the bottom is important. This is one four email preference you can set and we will go through each.

To setup your email preferences go to: Home > Set Preferences > General tab.

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Nickname: When recipients look at their inbox, their name will be listed in the “From” field. If you wish to use a different name than your employee record, enter it here. For example, everyone may know you by Bobby not Robert.

Signature: In the Signature field type in either plain text or HTML to format your signature. For my example we are going to enter HTML to give us the richness it can provide and allow us to match our company standard signature.

To accomplish this, I copied the signature portion of an HTML type email and pasted it into NetSuite. There is a limit of 999 characters, but most email signatures are fairly basic and will fit. If your company’s signature does not fit, you have the option of creating an email template. The signature will be embedded as a part of the email template, which has a much larger size limit.

Add Signature to Messages: This checkbox controls whether your email signature is automatically added to outbound emails. If you do not check this box, you will need to insert the < NLSIGNATURE > tag at the end of your emails. Note you can also include the < NLSIGNATURE > tag into your email templates.

From Email Address: If you want the email ‘from’ address to be different than the email address setup as your NetSuite login place it here. It is not unusual for a team to have a common sent from address such as

Below is a simple example of a formatted signature using HTML to control the colors and fonts.

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