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There are many scenarios in which the information stored in NetSuite for a user (name, email address, and title) are not necessarily how they are presented to customers and for external communications. For example, a support specialist might be named Jon Love, with an Employee record title of “Support User,” and a NetSuite login email of However, when communicating with customers, they may want to simply go by “Jon Love,” the Customer Care Specialist, and have emails arrive from

This can be accomplished in NetSuite through the use of the Signature field at Home > Set Preferences > General Subtab. Through the fields on this tab a user can control, for their login only, the Nickname, Signature, and From Email Address displayed on outbound email communication from NetSuite.

The three fields- Nickname, Signature, and From Email Address, are all within the User Profile section, as shown below. The Signature field will accommodate HTML, allowing for rich digital signatures if desired.

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The user can either choose to have the Signature included in all outbound emails from NetSuite, or they can include the signature using a CRMSDK tag from within specific emails as shown below.

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The resulting email to the customer automatically includes the signature, as well as the From information as configured at Home > Set Preferences. Note the From and Signature Emails are different.

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