Excel Web Query


To help you operate more efficiently without constantly relying on a technical staff to provide custom reports and key metrics in a specific format, NetSuite provides the ability to create “Web Queries”. They allow you to pull real-time data from any NetSuite report into Microsoft ® Excel. This gives you a powerful and familiar environment for crunching numbers and generating highly customized reports from your NetSuite data. To do this, customize any report, navigate to the “More Options” section of the Report Builder, and click on the “Allow Web Query” checkbox.

netsuite excel web query

Save and run the report. Then, click the “Export – Excel Web Query” button.

netsuite excel web query export button

When you open the document in Microsoft ® Excel, you will be prompted for your NetSuite username.

netsuite excel web query username prompt

You can now update the information in the report at anytime by clicking on the refresh button in Excel.

netsuite excel web query report refresh

Excel Web Queries can be used for easy access to your NetSuite information. They can also provide the ability to build reports including information that may not be stored in NetSuite.