File Download with online form


NetSuite provides the ability to download a file after completing an online form. This is a common approach many companies take to gain new leads. Frequently, an email will showcase a white paper, case study or presentation. Before you can download the file you will be required to complete a form with your name, email address etc. Many people are reluctant to share this information, for good reason. Identity theft and junk mail are valid concerns. Implemented correctly, however, prospects will see the value and share their contact information with you. First you must build credibility and provide something they value. Qualified leads are generated this way because their willingness to complete the form is an indication they have interest in your services/products or at minimum the content in your download.

This NetSuite tip will demonstrate how to setup an online file download form for your company and provide some basic guidelines to make it a success.

Step 1: Select your document for download: When selecting a downloadable file, focus on quality and relevant content for your prospects. Build a bridge to the customer in a non direct way by showing how your product and service will satisfy their needs. Documents that demonstrate a solid understanding of industry and best practices will build credibility. Education based marketing is effective because the focus is on the prospective customer and not a sale.

Step 2: Create your online form: When creating your online lead form it is a good idea to state what your purpose is and how you intend on using the data. If you intend on sending a monthly newsletter, state it. If you plan on responding with a follow-up call state it. Prospects will be more willing to share their contact information if they know how it is going to be used.

When selecting the fields to add to your online form, keep it simple and relevant to the content to be downloaded. Customers will not complete a long survey if they do not see the relevance, less is more. A few well placed survey questions can be very effective when you turn around and market back to these individuals with targeted marketing campaigns. Strike a balance between quantity, context and type of fields on your form.

For more information on how to create an online form see the NetSuite User Guide.

Step 3: Publish your online form:

To publish your online form go to: Lists>Web Site>Publish Forms>New

Select form type ‘Download file with online form’. There are four key fields to setup:

  1. Specify the online form the customer will be required to complete before downloading the file.
  2. Select the downloadable file from the file cabinet
  3. Specify the category on the website to publish the form. An ecommerce site is not required. It is relatively easy to enable and configure your web site to be information only.
  4. Select an image that represents or is associated with the file. This will add interest to the form.

Tip Image 1
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The completed user experience will appear as below:

Tip Image 2
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If the customer clicks on the link above, they are taken to the online form.

Tip Image 3
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After the user completes the form the download pops up and the user is able to view or save the document.

Tip Image 4
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In NetSuite the prospect’s information is captured.