Filtering the List of Items Available on Transactions


While NetSuite’s default behavior is to display all active items in the Item dropdown on a Transaction, many customers wish to filter this list depending on business requirements. Examples include:

For our example, let’s look at a company that charges a service fee for product repairs after the warranty has expired. The Customer Support team only has authority to charge customers for repair fees, and cannot upsell or sell new products.

NetSuite has recently introduced a method that allows administrators to configure transaction forms to filter the list of items in the Item drop down so that only the desired items are available to add to the transaction. This is accomplished in two parts: a Saved Item Search and a customized Transaction form.

The first step is to create a saved search which contains the items users should see when they create a transaction. For this saved search, we should use criteria that relate only to the items we want to have available on the transaction form. Here, we’ll use the Department field on the item, which will return only those items associated with the “Support Operations” department.

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Once our saved search has been created, we need to create a transaction form for the Customer Support team. This can be done at Setup > Customization > Transaction Forms, and clicking Customize next to the Standard version of the Transaction form to open the form customization page.

On the Fields subtab > Columns subtab, you can select the saved Item search you created above in the Item Filter field:

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Once you have selected the Item search, you’ll want to assign it to the appropriate user group/role. This can be done on the same transaction form configuration page, on the Roles subtab. Find your Support user role, and check the box for “Preferred” to ensure that this is the preferred sales order form for anyone with the associated role:

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When you’ve completed any additional changes to the form (ie: showing or hiding custom fields or changing the sequence in which fields display on the form) click Save.

Now, when any users with the Acme Product Support role create a sales order for support services, this Support Repair sales order form will load as their preferred form. When the users add an item to the order, the only two items available will be the items that have a Department listed as Support Operations:

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