Free Shipping With An Item


You can offer free shipping promotions when your customers buy certain items. When you use this preference, the shipping for the entire order automatically changes to zero when the item or items are added to the cart.

You can decide if only one of the items in the promotion can make an order ship for free, or if all items in the promotion must be purchased for the order to ship for free.

Note: Free shipping is only offered with the shipping methods where you set this preference. To make sure that customers receive the offer of free shipping in a NetSuite Web site, you may want to make sure your default shipping method in the Web site is the method with the promotion.

To offer free shipping with certain items:

1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items.

2. Click Edit next to the shipping item that should be free when the items are purchased, or click New to create a new shipping item for the promotion.

netsuite create free shipping

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3. On the Free Shipping Items subtab, select an item that should be offered without a shipping charge for this shipping method, and click Add. You can also click the Add Multiple button to quickly add several items that should have free shipping.

netsuite create free shipping add item

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4. Continue to select and add each item that should have free shipping.

5. Check the All Items Must Be Purchased box to require that all items you selected be on an order before free shipping is offered for this shipping method. Clear this box to offer free shipping on the order if any of the items listed are purchased.
6. Click Save.
7. Dependent upon your Checkout and Shopping cart settings, customers on your website can see the Free Shipping when the item(s) is chosen, or you can create a promotion that highlights the Free Shipping.


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8. At Checkout the Customer can choose the UPS Ground method and get Free Shipping or some other shipping method.

netsuite create free shipping checkout

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