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Gift Certificates


Get Ready For The Holidays and take advantage of this NetSuite Feature!!! Did you know with the new Gift Certificates feature in Version 11.0, you can create items that allow customers to purchase store credit to send as a gift? The recipient can use the gift certificate code when placing an order through the Web store or with a sales representative. Gift certificates can be applied toward the total amount of an order and are not limited by item. If the total amount of the gift certificate is not applied with the first purchase, the amount remaining is displayed with order confirmation, and the certificate code can be used again. Recipients of gift certificates receive an email with a link to your store and a code to apply the gift certificate amount when they place an order. The gift certificate code is entered in the Gift Certificate field on transactions and in the Web store.

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create gift certificate in netsuite

To create gift certificate items, you must enable the Gift Certificates feature at Setup > Company > Enable Features > Sales Transactions. You can then create gift certificate items at List > Accounting > Items > New > Gift Certificate. Gift certificates are treated as a liability until they have been redeemed or until they expire. To recognize expired gift certificates as revenue, go to Transactions > Other > Recognize Gift Certificate Income.

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