Graphical Workflow Editor in NetSuite Version 2014.2

As of NetSuite Version 2014.2, SuiteFlow includes a redesigned graphical Workflow Editor. The redesign enhances productivity and ease of use. During workflow development, users can utilize the new drag and drop feature to visualize, model, and implement business processes, as well as access most properties with a few clicks.

The Workflow Editor includes the following interface elements:

The following screenshot shows the diagrammer on the left and the context panel on the right:

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Note-The new Workflow Editor is fully backward compatible with workflows created in previous versions of NetSuite.

Workflow Diagrammer

The Workflow Diagrammer is a Javascript-based editor that you can use to create and edit workflow states and transitions. It includes the power of drag and drop so that you can move states and transitions to reflect the business process defined by the workflow. Any change made in the diagrammer is automatically saved in NetSuite.

In previous versions of NetSuite, all workflow diagrams were linear and could not be graphically rearranged.

The diagrammer includes the following features:

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It is now possible to drag and drop states to new locations when you are designing a workflow. All transitions are redrawn to follow the states to their new locations:

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Context Panel

The new workflow context panel displays overview information and offers quick access to the main properties of any selected object. Use the panel to create and edit objects in the diagrammer, edit workflow properties, and create, edit, and delete workflow fields.

Depending on the object selected in the diagrammer, the context panel includes the following tabs:

State Tab

To access the State tab, select a state in the diagrammer. The State tab includes the following features:

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Workflow Tab

To access the Workflow tab, click the Workflow tab in the context panel. The Workflow tab includes the following features:

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Transition Tab

To access the Transition tab, select a transition in the diagrammer. The Transition tab includes the following features:

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