Importing Budgets with NetSuite’s Budget Import Assistant


Many of Explore Consulting’s customers are entering into the annual budgeting process. We felt a tip around importing budgets might prove timely and useful.

The interface and process for .csv budget imports vary from those for other record type imports. Therefore, NetSuite users aren’t always aware of the option to import budgets. The budget import functionality allows you to import your external budget .csv files as NetSuite budget records, saving you a great deal of time by avoiding the necessity to manually enter one budget line item at a time. This can be especially tedious when multiple budgets are required.

A simplified version of the Import Assistant is used for budget imports. This Assistant is available in NetSuite at Transactions > Financial >Set Up > Budgets > Import

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Once on this page, you must choose to download the budget template file by clicking on the associated Budget Template File link in the middle of the page. Save the file to a location on your computer

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When you open the budget template, you will notice it includes the fields below as columns, so that every row of data can store values …

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Once you have populated the .csv file with your budget data and save it, you then select this file in the Assistant and click on next to import the .csv file into NetSuite.

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The Assistant automatically maps fields in your budget file to NetSuite budget fields and allows you to view these mappings. You can then change them if necessary.

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Note: You can export your NetSuite budget data into an external application, make changes, and then reimport the changed data. To export NetSuite budget data, create a budget search at Transactions > Financial > Set Up>Budgets > Search, then click the Export button for the search. This is also helpful to understand the specific contents and related format for each column in the .csv file.

Once you’ve ensured each field in the .csv file is mapped to the correct field in NetSuite, you can click on “run” to import the budget, following the same import process as you would for all other .csv data imports into NetSuite.

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Once you’ve imported your budget, you can view it at transactions>financial>setup budgets>list and choose the appropriate budget from the list

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The ability to import budgets into NetSuite can potentially spare users many hours of effort.

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