Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns with DKIM


One of the most powerful ways to stay in touch with your customers is with NetSuite’s e-mail marketing campaigns. This functionality provides an easy way to let you stay in touch with your customers for promotions, special events and important information that you just want them to know.

Unfortunately, your marketing efforts are hindered when your e-mails never reach your customers. By setting up your DKIM setting in NetSuite, it will help your e-mail reach your clients’ Inbox.

DKIM is an industry standard developed collaboratively by set of companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, Earthlink and more. The DKIM lets companies take responsibility of the message while it is in transit. DKIM provides a method for validating a domain name identity that is associated with a message. More information can be found at

Before you follow the directions below, you will need to setup a new subdomain with your DNS provider with a CNAME pointed at

1. Go to Setup -> Web Site -> Domains. Add a new domain name record for the subdomain you setup with your DNS provider. Under “Hosted As” choose “E-mail Campaign”. Save your page.

DKIM Tip Image 1
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2. Go to Setup -> Company -> Printing, Fax & Email Preferences. Click on the Email subtab. At the bottom of the page:

DKIM Tip Image 2
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3.Now, return to your DNS provider and create a new TXT record using the selector and DNS entry from NetSuite. For:

4. When you create a new marketing campaign, make sure to choose the new domain name as the “Campaign Domain” on the Marketing subtab.

DKIM Tip Image 3
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