Improved Inventory Visibility Through Linked Searches

Linking of saved searches can be used in many scenarios to provide consolidated high level and drill down information specific to your needs.

This example enables you to drill deeper into a view similar to the Inventory Locations subtab on inventory records. See the transactions that account for On Order, Committed, and Back Order quantities.

To achieve, this we create one “base” search as our high level, or consolidated view, from an Item Saved Search. Next, we create Transaction Saved Searches for the drill down detail we want for data fields shown on the consolidated.

Lastly, we update the consolidated search to link to the drill down searches, in this case to display detailed information for On Order, Committed, and Back Order quantities.


1. Create an Item Saved Search:

a. Define the summary view you want.

i. **In this case we want to replicate the standard item quantity by location view as shown on the item record. The location view identifies values such as Committed, On Order, and Back Order but does not provide drill-down capability to review the transactions behind those figures.

2. Create Transaction Saved Searches:

a. Create a transaction saved search for ‘On Order’ pulling from Purchase Order records.

i. Search Criteria: Type = Purchase Order

b. On the Purchase Order saved search, expose the item’s internal id (Item : Internal Id) in the available filters tab
Netsuite purchase order internal ID

c. Save the Search.

d. In “View” mode, filter the transaction search down to one of the item internal id’s.
Netsuite Open Purchase Orders view

e. With the transaction saved search filtered down to the item internal id, copy the page’s URL. **The URL will be added to your original Item saved search.

Netsuite URL

3. Add a formula field to your original Item Saved Search.

a. On the Item saved search add a ‘Formula Text’ field to the Results tab and paste the URL from your transaction search into the formula.

b. Add the highlighted elements to your transaction search URL in the formula field.
Netsuite transaction search code

c. Give the custom formula field a Custom Label.
Netsuite custom formula field custom label

4. Save the search and notice there is now a link to your Purchase Order Saved Search.
Netsuite purchased order saved search

5. Perform steps 2-4 for Back Ordered and Committed Quantities:

a. Search Criteria: Type = Sales Order