Increase Your Exposure Through Website Product Feeds


You can increase the exposure of your Web site and items by exporting lists of items to Web site comparison search engines, Yahoo Shopping, NexTag, Shopzilla, and Froogle. These search engines display your items and information in shoppers’ search results. For example, if you sell printers in your Web store, you can export information about the printers to Froogle. Then, when shoppers search Froogle for printers, your printers that match their search criteria show in the list of results. Shoppers can see an image of the item, get pricing information and click to open the item in your web store.

In order to provide information specific to these sites, optional fields have been added to the following item records: Kit/Package, Non-inventory Item for Sale, Non-inventory Item for Resale, Assembly (lot and serialized), Inventory (lot and serialized).

Enter information in these fields before exporting your item lists. You can use direct list-editing to quickly enter this information on your items list.

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netsuite items list

Once you have entered the information into your NetSuite items, you then export the item lists:

  1. Go to Setup > Web Site > Product Feeds.
  2. Click the name of the comparison engine you want to export to.
  3. A list of your online items appears showing only the fields required for the comparison engine you chose.
  4. Click Export.

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explore netsuite product feed items

The final step is to upload your exported item lists to each of the search engines, which require you to have an account set up with them.