Inline HTML Fields for on-page Instructions


Many companies have complex or specific requirements around processing orders, creating customers, or completing other daily business tasks in their NetSuite account. While external documentation serves as a useful reference, often times it is more helpful to have instructions visible to the user while they are in the process of completing the particular tasks.

NetSuite has created a custom field type called Inline HTML. This custom field type allows users to create a custom field for any record type that will display content on the page for the user while they are interacting with the form. This content can be very helpful in providing instructions, descriptions, or other reference information. Just about anything that can be done with basic HTML can be done with this field.

Example: The business wants to ensure users select the appropriate value from a list of options to Categorize a new lead, because the Lead Routing rules have been configured around this field as a key trigger. Once the user has categorized the Lead, there are three very specific steps they need to follow to make sure the sales process can continue as quickly as possible. These instructions can be presented to the user using an Inline HTML field.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Entity Fields > New
  2. Give this field a name, check the “Customer” box so it will display on Lead records, and set the field to display on the appropriate subtab;
  3. In the Type field, choose “Inline HTML;”
  4. On the Validation & Defaulting subtab, enter your HTML into the Default Value field;

Tip Image 1
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When a user navigates to the form, they will now be presented with the very detailed instructions in a way that stands out from the rest of the page:

Tip Image 2
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