Lists Preference Settings


You may have noticed in NetSuite, that in some cases you will find a field based on a list of values that gives you a convenient dropdown list, and in other places you only get a popup window. Take a look at the two pictures below of the same sales order form. In the first shot, a little button is shown, and in the second shot of the same field, the dropdown option is gone. What controls this change in behavior?

List Preference Settings
List Preference Settings
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This happens because of a preference setting that allows you to control the maximum number of items to display in a list, before jumping to a popup window.

The preference is found at Home > Set Preferences. On the General Tab, find the field labeled “Maximum Entries in Dropdowns”. By default, the value is 200. You can set a maximum of up to 500 items and a minimum of 0. Entering 0 will always result in a popup window.

List Preference Settings

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Why not always increase the maximum list size to the maximum value of 500? For one, it can be challenging to find items in long lists, but more importantly, you can increase the form’s performance by reducing the number of items the form loads. Typically, increasing the list size does not have a negative impact on performance; It is primarily a matter of preference. If you prefer to have a pop up window, enter 0. If you prefer the drop down list, then enter a larger number.