Merging Duplicate Support Cases



Customer satisfaction is more important than ever for business success. As your company grows however, duplicate support cases may emerge while your customer service representatives try to resolve open cases as quickly as possible. With NetSuite Version 2013.2 release, duplicate support cases are much easier to manage. Customer service representative resources can be better optimized since they will no longer have to do manual copy-and-paste actions between the master and duplicate case records.

For example, email support cases that are submitted multiple times and containing the same request can be merged into a single record. With a simple click, the duplicate case records will be merged into a master support case record so that customer service representatives can be more efficient identifying and managing the true number of open cases outstanding and spend time prudently, without working on the same case as one of their peers.

If you use support cases, the feature is already available in your account. When you open a case, the new merge button appears at the top of the case form:

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After clicking the merge button, you can filter the list of cases to merge into by “case from the same customer only” and/or “open cases only.” Then, select the case to merge into, click the merge button, and NetSuite does the rest!

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