NetSuite Multi-Website Capabilities


Since Version 2007.0, many new website features have become available in

One of the most significant and robust of these features now offered is multiple website publishing. Created from a single NetSuite account, each site can have its own unique domain and branding, along with separate Shopping Cart and My Account areas. In addition, each site will include its own individual Web Site Set Up, allowing for every website to have its own look and feel, including different layouts and templates.

netsuite multi-website capabilities
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Each website can sell different items, or share items across sites. NetSuite makes this process quick and simple by allowing items to be published to multiple sites.

newsuite publish items to multiple websites
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All orders can be tracked based on the site they originated from.

Companies can also build and operate one single, global site where visitors can select the country or geographical region they belong to, each region having its own language, currency, products and/or services. For further convenience, once a customer shops from a particular region, they will always be directed back to that region.

With NetSuite’s new multiple website capability, Explore Consulting makes it easy to expand product lines or manage individually customized sites for different countries, giving way for businesses to grow as they expand globally.

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