NetSuite 2009.1 Global Search Enhancements


Have you ever wanted to customize the result columns displayed for a particular record type for the Global Search Results? With NetSuite v.2009.1, you can now customize the global search results on a per record type basis.

#1 Add/Remove Columns – you can now add additional columns or remove default columns from global search result pages on a per record type basis.

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#2 Global Search a Custom Field – Have you ever wanted to have the global search feature in NetSuite index a custom field, so that you can include this field in the global search for the records that the global search is searching on? With NetSuite, v.2009.1, you can now configure custom fields to be indexed for the global search feature.

  1. Any custom fields indexed by global search may take NetSuite a few minutes to index. Do not expect the custom field to be indexed immediately.
  2. There are some custom field types that NetSuite does not support for indexing with global search: checkbox, date, document, image, list/record, multi-select, password, rich text, and time of day.

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#3 Last but not Least – Direct List Editing & Quick Add row are now both supported in global search results.