NetSuite 2009.1 Mass Update Enhancements


Last month Explore provided a tip on NetSuite’s 2009.1 Global Search Enhancements. This month we would like to show you how NetSuite has enhanced the Mass Update functionality to make it even more powerful.

Have you ever wanted to schedule a mass update to run on a set recurrence pattern instead of having to run it manually? With NetSuite v.2009.1, you can now do this by specifying a schedule. (Note: the time of day is not definable, but the day of the week or month is. All scheduled mass updates will occur at approximately 2 AM Pacific Time.)

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With NetSuite v.2009.1, you can now also use a formula in your mass update to update fields with a calculated value. You can use a SQL formula to update fields dynamically vs. having to use a static value. For example, a user could set the preferred stock level on all inventory items to double (or 2x) the reorder point.

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