NetSuite Coupons, Discounts & Promotions

Give your customers a Holiday Season gift by using the Coupon and Discount Promotions!

With Version 11.0 you can create Coupons and/or Discounts that are only valid on certain items, or alternatively valid on all items except for a few specified items. For example, you can have a 10% off coupon on cables and a 20% off coupon on keyboards. To set up a discount go to Lists > Accounting > Items > New > Discount. From there create the name and desired discount amount.

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promotions in netsuite

To create a New Promotion Code go to List > Marketing > Promotion Codes > New. On the Promotion Code page you can enter the name, code, message, items to be discounted, start/end dates, and any other information you choose. Click save and now you can assign this promotion code to lead, prospect, partner, and customer records.

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