NetSuite Subtab and Keyboard Shortcut Secrets

Have you ever wondered why NetSuite subtabs will often show small circles and have certain letters underlined in the name?

NetSuite Subtab and Keyboard Shortcut Secrets

These small visual cues can help you work a little faster in NetSuite if you know what they mean (or have mouse-fatigued hands).

Circles on Subtabs – These denote that the sub-tab has data to show. This can save you from looking for information on empty tabs.
Underlined Letters – Much like Windows Explorer, NetSuite supports keyboard shortcuts or hot keys with the use of your Alt button. For example, in the image above, you could hold your Alt key and press U to jump to the Support tab or hold Alt and press I to jump to the Emails subtab.

You will not see the letter G underlined on a subtab, however. That is because pressing Alt+G takes your cursor to the Global Search page from anywhere in NetSuite!

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