New NetSuite Module Custom Checkout Domains

After a long wait for many customers, NetSuite recently released a new add-on module that allows customer to use a truly custom checkout domain. This new feature allows webstores to keep the checkout process on their branded domain name.

For example, without the add on, your webstore “” would have the following process: (Webstore) > (Shopping Cart) >

With the new add-on, we can use a customized second domain or a subdomain for the checkout process: (Webstore) > (Shopping Cart) >

This is a great new feature that will ultimately reduce user confusion and increase conversion rates through the checkout process.


Step 1: Purchase your SSL certificate

First, you’ll need to purchase your own, dedicated SSL certificate from one of two service providers, Verisign or GoDaddy. You can purchase this separately from where you register your domains at. Once you purchase, the SSL provider will give you a SSL file to download along with a SSL Key/Password.

Step 2: Setup your SSL with NetSuite

  1. Take you SSL file and upload the file to the new SSL Certificates Folder.Tip Image 1
  2. Go to Setup > Web Site > Domains. A new tab exists for “Secure Domains”.Tip Image 1
    Click image to enlargeFill out the following fields

    • Send Notification Email To — the email of your site admin or IT contact in case NetSuite runs into a domain error during the checkout process.
    • In the Certificate and CA Certificate fields, pick your SSL file as uploaded to the SSL Certificates folder.
    • For Certificate Key & Password, input the values as provided by your SL provider.
    • You can then assign the webstore, hosting folder, not-found page and other values like you would with a normal domain.
  3. Go to Setup > Web Site > Set Up Web Site. On the Setup tab, for the checkout URL value select the custom checkout domain from the bottom of the list. You’ll still need to pick a standard domain name for your primary domain.



The Custom Checkout Domain feature is a NetSuite add-on. Please contact your NetSuite sales rep to discuss pricing and how to purchase the add-on for your account.